Gelex Group

Currently, Vietnam Electrical Equipment Joint Stock Corporation GELEX has eight subsidiaries and one associated company, operating under the corporation model in the fields of industry, infrastructure, logistics, real estate and investment. 



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South Logistics Joint Stock Company (SOTRANS)

SOUTH LOGISTICS JOINT STOCK COMPANY (SOTRANS) was established in 1975 and have been provided trading industry with main warehouse system and transportation services. In 2007, SOTRANS was officially transformed from a State Enterprise into a Joint Stock Company and strongly develop sectors of multi-functional warehouse, oil and petroleum trading, international forwarding services.

Currently, SOTRANS is one of leading companies in international freight forwarding, import-export forwarding and warehousing services in Vietnam. In 2010, our Company will further invest more than 50 billion dong to strengthen activities of Inland Clearance Depot (ICD) in order to complete the logistics chain, which has been already certified by SOTRANS reputation on market. Besides, the Company will diversify its business lines by participating into oil and petroleum trading industry, investing into ports, distribution centers, logistics activities, business centers, hotels, complex office building (in line with planning of City and provinces). SOTRANS has been selected by many multinational companies such as Scavi, Cargil, Holcim, Uni Presdent, PepsiCo, Samsung, P&G, Colgate Palmolive, etc. as reliable freight forwarders in Vietnam.


- Warehousing

- Domestic Freight Forwarding

- International Freight Forwarding

- Port Operation


- South Port Joint Stock Company (SOTRANS ICD)

- Vietranstimex Multi Modal Transport Holding Company

- Southern Waterborne Transport Corporation (SOWATCO)

- SOTRANS Ha Tinh Joint Stock Company

- SORECO Real Estate Development Company Ltd.

- THE PIER Real Estate Development Joint Stock Company

CHARTERED CAPITAL: VND 854,378,790,000