Established in 1995, over 20 years of establishment and development, Vietnam Electrical Equipment Joint Stock Corporation has affirmed ist position and reputation in the market. After the divestment of Vietnam's Ministry of Industry and Trade, GELEX restructured its organizational structure and operation model. The corporation gradually increased its ownership in subsidiaries such as CADIVI, THIBIDI, SOTRANS, HEM and VIHEM... and expanded investment into other potential businesses. Currently, GELEX has eight subsidiaries and one associated company, operating under the corporation model in the fields of industry, infrastructure and real estate. 

With a strategy of sustainable development and a determination that strength comes from prestige, GELEX is proud to be a Vietnamese enterprise owning leading brands in the fields of industrial production and logistics, and looks forward to become a leading multi-sector corporation in Vietnam. The annual revenue has consistently hit a double-digit growth and is aimed to exceed USD 1 billion by 2020. This is a reliable foundation for Gelex to become a prestigious symbol and constantly offer sustainable values for the electrical equipment industry and Vietnam’s economy in general.


Vietnam Electrical Equipment Joint Stock Corporation - Gelex operates in 5 main sectors, concretely

Industry / Utilities / Logistic / Real Estate /